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4 min readNov 11, 2023

Diwali | New Moon in Libra | New Year | Vedic Astrology

Just before moon is at its darkest phase, Diwali arrives on November 12th to bring illumination and peace to our hearts and minds. This is the most sacred 5-day festival of the year which precedes the New Moon on the 13th and the New Year (Bestu Varas) celebrated on the 14th. Hindus keep the lights burning throughout the darkest of nights to welcome home dharma — the consciousness of right doing — in the form of Rama and Sita. This celebration of lights marks their victory in the battle with the demon king, Ravana, and the long, dark journey back to Ayodhya, their kingdom.

Following Pitṛ Pakṣa, the earthen lamps will provide a final elevation for the ancestors, lighting up their path towards higher lokas (realms).

With Sun (Rama) and Moon (Sita) both in the depths of debilitation in Libra (and early Scorpio), this day reminds us that even in our weakest states, even at the edge of an unknown threshold, victory becomes possible through effort, willingness, support, and bhakti yoga, represented by Hanuman in the epic telling of the Ramayana, the son of Vayu, the wind devata, who rules over Swati, the nakshatra preceding Vishaka.


The New Moon in Vishaka on the 13th (9.27am GMT) invites an inner purification and renewal as Indragni is the dual lord of this star space, whose combined shakti is of prana and agni, offering the power of life force and inner fire, that is, the willpower and strength to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles. Governed by Guru himself (Jupiter) Vishaka is undefeatable and reminds us that justice and goodness — truth always prevails, ultimately.

New Moon Intentions

Allow balance to return to the mind and emotions through sacred ritual. Clear and clean your home to make space for Lakshmi’s blessings of wisdom and all forms of wealth. Light ghee lamps or candles to establish radiance, peace, and silence within, bringing forth the light.


What does peace look and feel like within my home, my body, and relationships?

How can I tend to my sacred life force energy at this time?

Who can support me to achieve my life purpose and where can I provide support?

What is a triumphant life?

Based on these answers, create a personal intention, summarised in two lines. (Share this with me in the comments or send me a message!



A tropical Indonesian plant, native to the land of Sumatra and known for its huge size and distinct colour, the corpse flower reminds us of the power of sudden spiritual transformation, as it can bloom unexpectedly after many years. It is unique among the plant kingdom for its massive inflorescence, and produces a foul smell like rotting flesh when it flowers, each bloom lasting only 2–3 days! It speaks to slow growth but unexpected and short -lived transformation. The energy or life force of the corpse flower is long held and stored in its thick, fleshy stem base, cultivating its nutrient density and shakti from its soil. Emphasis is placed on needing the right conditions and environment and enough prana — vital life force energy to support a sudden growth!

Doesn’t the image look like a Diya lamp?! The Corpse flower reminds us that most of our motivations, drives and patterns are hidden in the deep subconscious; in the underworld, and in order to call forth the light of knowing; the light of consciousness, one must invest in preparation; in doing the work, whose results are yet unseen. Bide your time and focus on the process; victory is in the journey as the destination is short-lived. Our own light will shine in its own time, and our only task is to create the conditions for our truth to dramatically awaken. Since this plant blooms once and very rarely its appearance during this special time speaks to an important change and renewal taking place that carries a profound significance. Can you name what this is?

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