How to Heal your Second Chakra | 5 Practical Steps

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Unlike the root chakra, which reflects our level of stability and grounding in the world, the second chakra in many ways is the opposite — it represents our ability to adapt and flow with life, being as it is, the centre of our emotional well-being.

This sacral chakra, called Svadhisthana, ‘one’s own place of dwelling’, is located below our navel, covering the lower back, hips and pelvis and all organs therein. Healing our energy here involves getting in right relationship with our inner fluidity which, in the manifest world, translates as someone who has the ability to adapt to change and move with the flow of life. “Be like water” as Bruce Lee says! Not having this flexibility most certainly means death — death in the sense of being disconnected with Self, nature and society.

How well are you in alignment with your passions, desires, creativity, sensuality and sexuality? These are all second chakra matters.

It’s easy to recognise a soul who has a balanced and healthy sacral chakra! Her vibration is high — she carries a magnetic and charming personality, it’s effortless to become friends with her. Her relationships are healthy and drama-free; her emotional responses in relation to others are even-tempered and she is comfortable fulfilling her own needs. You’ll meet her enthusiasm in her speech and self-expression.

A strong second chakra reflects a person who is connected with her emotions and creativity. Confidence and feelings of self-worth are high. These are vibrant and wonderful people to be around, who are not afraid of a bit of spontaneity and stepping out of their comfort zone to experience the pleasures of life! They experience both joy and grief however, responding and surrendering to the changes that life brings, aware at the same time of their role are creators of their reality — aware of their Shakti, inner power and vitality. It is Venus, goddess of love, abundance and prosperity — the feminine energy that rules over this chakra after all.

Deeper knowledge of Vedic astrology can help us understand the workings of the energies within our unique subtle bodies, more specifically the karmas and yogas (planetary combinations) that influence the character and disposition of our chakras. In other words, there is an entire solar system at work within our subtle body! Along with Venus energy (kundalini shakti), Jupiter, the virtuous planet of expansion governs here; how open or blocked this second chakra is determines our feelings of lack or abundance.

Did you know that there is a nadi — ‘channel’ or meridian that flows from the pelvis to the heart? To open the second chakra and heal the challenges there, we can tend to our heart; relax the chest and expand the breath here. Finding strength within vulnerability is a healthy expression of this energy centre.

A weak or blocked sacral chakra reflects a person showing emotional instability — mood can be easily affected and there’s a feeling of falling into depression. Lack of vitality and ‘stuckness’ is a sure sign of misalignment — a sign of not dealing with and confronting our emotions. One is rigid in thought and behaviour, disconnected from joy and sensual pleasure. Social activity is low or non-existent, there is the fear of the Other, and fear and guilt in general maybe big emotions driving action and habits that do not support our growth. Or worse, there is complete inaction towards experiencing the world outside.

On the other hand, an over active chakra here could mean addiction to worldly pleasures, including sex, alchohol, food and over spending etc.

Life seems too hard and recreation is but a dream. Keeping healthy boundaries is certainly an issue! It’s hard to say “no” and communicate the truth our feelings for fear of judgment and how we’re perceived by others. It’s generally a struggle to integrate into social settings with ease.

Physical problems associated with a blocked sackral chara include lower back pain like that of sciatica, kidney dysfnction, ongoing menstrual pain like cramps, even infertility — svadhisthana, after all is the place of birth, death and renewal –the creative process!

Below I’ve listed five simple steps to get you started in healing your second chakra, so that you may channel and direct your Shakti, or primal life force for greater clarity, passion and purpose.

1) Take in water! Drink lots of water each day to increase your energy. Eat foods with high water content like melons, oranges and lemons and consume orange-coloured foods as this is a hue of the svadhisthana! Take a walk near bodies of water, like a lake or stream or take up swimming. Draw yourself a hot salt bath, or shower using salt scrubs. Relax and imagine washing away impurities and rejuvenating your physical body and calming your mind.

2) Dance. Dance. Dance. Have fun! Put on music that helps you enhance your self-connection and lifts your vibration! Dance in your room like no one is watching! (No one is watching so go and play your favourite tunes!) Attend a dance class. A form like belly dance or pole dancing is great — but any movement that expresses a level of freedom and supports your sensuality is excellent for strengthening this chakra.

3) Meditate and practice these yoga postures. Sit in a crossed legged position, lengthen your spine and visualise a ball of orange light surrounding your pelvis and up to your navel. Expand this vibrant light as if it were a protective sheath and imagine restoring your vitality.

Practice yoga postures that emphasise opening the heart as well as the hips. Eka Pada Rajakapotasana or one-legged pigeon pose embodies this well: inhale and open the chest and as you exhale, fold forward to the ground. This is excellent to release stuck emotions.

One of my favourite postures is Supta Baddha Konasana reclined bound angle pose as it helps in releasing tension in the lower back, hips and pelvis and soothes the heart. Balansana or child’s pose is an option for those suffering from relationship trauma or emotional abuse.

Take the yin yoga route — hold postures for longer time frames like five to seven minutes to encourage release, both physically, mentally and emotionally.

4) Step into your creative powers! As sensitive souls, it’s crucial to connect with our inner passion and joy and to surround oursevles with beauty. Create something today! Draw, paint, write, knit or sew! Work with the medium that best channels your connection to spirit — to your inner wisdom and natural talent.

Your creativity is likely a big part of your purpose, you can open your sacral chakra by creative action — movement and change is life so be a participant in it! The more you create, the more energy you have — ever noticed this parallel?

​Don’t you feel a sense of vibrancy looking at your process or completed project?

5) Writing Exercise. Grab your journal and answer these questions:

What emotions are dominating me right now? What have I been resisting feeling? (Describe the situation and provide at least two action steps to overcome this challenge.)

What creative task have I been putting off? Why? (Details!) Schedule this task into your week right now and commit to it.

What relationships do I need to release that aren’t supporting who I am now and my growth?

Which social connections can I begin to strengthen and what activity can I do more of that surrounds me with healthy, optimistic energy?

Share your thoughts about your Sacral Chakra — which areas of your life reflect a healthy and vibrant or dull and misaligned energy?

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