How to Heal your Seventh (Crown) Chakra | + Writing Exercise

4 min readApr 4, 2018
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Enlightenment is any experience of expanding our consciousness beyond its present limits. We could also say that perfect enlightenment is realizing that we have no limits at all, and that the entire universe is alive.

— Thaddeus Golas

Why has this journey to heal our chakras been so important?

Firstly, a good understanding about these vortices of energy within our subtle body can help take our power back. Knowing how to protect and restore our inner vitality is so important for us sensitive souls who experience the emotions of life to such great depths that we need to seek constant clarity, balance and stability. Secondly, the more we develop self-awareness and make small changes (through the knowledge and action steps I’ve provided in each offering for example) the more we can open to the healing and nourishment that life can bring — and the more we can live to our fullest potential.

Our prana-shakti or life force energy organises itself into what we experience as our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual realities. Prana expresses itself through these portals and meridians. What if we were able to influence our reality (these specific vibrations); heal and transform our wounds, emotional or otherwise — and express who we are through our innermost authenticity; our ‘specificity’? Wouldn’t this bring joy and contentment? This is very much possible if we do the work to pause, look within, tend to our needs and take right action!

The seventh primary energy centre also known as the crown chakra acts as the cosmic gateway! A doorway to our divine consciousness or higher Self. Achieving total enlightenment or living through the lens of spiritual wisdom is the purpose driving ‘Sahasrara’ as it is called in Sanskrit. The terms translates as the ‘thousand-petalled lotus’ and is located at the top of the skull, this area is also the meeting point of the central channel or ‘sashumna nadi’ where our kundalini Shakti or goddess energy rises and integrates with the masculine force of pure consciousness (Shiva).

This seventh chakra is therefore the axis through which our masculine and feminine energies merge to offer us the state of wholeness (the experience that yogis attempt to achieve) this state is also known as ‘sat-chit-ananda’ or truth-consciousness-bliss.

Sahasrara nonetheless governs the working of the brain and the mind along with the nervous system.

A person with a strong crown chakra operates less from the ego and more from spiritual awareness and therefore has a more harmonious experience of life. They live in alignment to their values and have a great sense of clarity and knowledge of their divine purpose. These are big picture thinkers. Meditation comes easy and there is more presence and less attachment to material things and to life experiences in general, from which they have learned important lessons. These people have the potential to be spiritual masters or the gurus of our time.

A person with a weak crown chakra is likely to experience confusion and worry a lot as there is a lack of trust in self and the higher intelligence of the universe. Thinking is limited. They may be out of touch with reality and spiritually disconnected with feelings of depression and loneliness. They could even experience an existential crisis. These people often say “I just can’t meditate” and refuse to even try it or believe in its therapeutic value, possessing a high level of skepticism. With no clear overall vision of their life path or defined goals, they lack direction and can be heavily attached to the physical plane.

Below is a writing exercise to help connect with your crown centre and receive nourishment from your spirit ~

Writing Exercise.

Grab your journal and answer these questions to draw your consciousness to crown centre blockages:

What current challenge is bringing me mental tension and stress? (Go into detail.)

If this challenge wasn’t an issue, what would I be doing? Where would I be? And who would I be surrounded by?

List three things you can do about the situation now. (Choose one of these things and take an action step, giving yourself a deadline).

Does my current spiritual practice bring me inner peace, self-connection and clarity throughout my week?

If not, why not and what can I change about it? Is there another practice I could try or start if I don’t have one?

Share your thoughts about your Seventh Chakra — how connected are you to your divine consciousness?

How has this chakra healing series benefitted your self-growth and life path? Let me know!

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