Nourish Your Roots

Payal Patel
3 min readDec 10, 2021


We can still create nourishment for ourselves in an uncertain world. We can seek it. Move towards it.

In martial arts practice, you’ll know that your foundation is everything! The basic movements that are practiced over and over again are what provide ground to flourish in the practice.

If there is a disconnection with roots, whether this be within spiritual practices, the body, within the home, the family system and relationships in general, then there is where the focus must go; into nourishing the roots of connection.

(Focus on building new relationships and nurturing self-connection if you find yourself in toxic dynamics that refuse to change.)

What are you rooted into? In your body, where do you feel this foundation? This home? This sense of belonging?

You could look to your daily routines and even your ancestral roots, your lineage and heritage — the indigenous practices and rituals that bring you home to Nature — nature of the world and nature of the Self. This is a place of embodied truth where we can rest, safely.

If the answers to these questions are unknown, this may indicate a path of positioning yourself as a self-compassionate Seeker and student.

ART: NORTH INDIA, 18TH CENTURY (Sleeping Vishnu).

Allow yourself to see rest as a ‘normal’ state that doesn’t have to be earned. It is your birthright to feel nourished and be at rest. As an expression of nature yourself, you simply, are, you exist, just like the Tree, who never fights its own make-up and expression. Like this firmly rooted tree, can you be ‘established in yourself’ as Yoga teaches?

Question any narrative that contradicts this experience. Does the inner or outer critic have your best interest at heart? Who benefits from your state of fight, flight freeze? Of malnourishment and unrest?

Nourish your roots. Create your foundation. Nurture relationships where self-growth is valued. To increase vitality and power, our prana, we must first rest and replenish.

What does a nourishing day in your life look like - morning till night?

(Spend some moments journaling your answers to arrive at clarity.)

What actions steps would sustain a more rooted way of being? Can you move gently towards it?

Rise Up, Warrior.



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