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The Month of Margashirsha

In the North Indian Hindu Calendar, we are currently in the ninth month of the year, Margashirsha, named after the nakshatra or constellation that translates as ‘head of a deer.’

In this very auspicious lunar month which contains many Vedic festivals, the personality or inner spirit can undertake a spiritual journey, a path of seeking truth, or true knowledge. Note the personality of a deer; restlessness, searching — seeking.

You may find that events have naturally triggered you into turning inwards, towards learning and positioning yourself as a Seeker. The yogic term for this practitioner that seeks the truth, through dharma — the cosmic law and nature’s moral order — is Sādhaka.

This seeker also commits to resolving their karma (past actions) and living their sense of duty, taking the right action without thinking of the rewards (karma yoga). You may notice that this teaching is from the Bhagavad Gita and Margashirsha is also known as Krishna’s month, since the festival of ‘Gita Jayanti’ has just been celebrated!

It is not a coincidence that the birth of the longest poem in history itself is being honoured in the ninth month — nine months being the time taken to birth new life. And as the oracle card I’ve drawn shows (see below), we are not only in an inward time of contemplating our true Self, and in a time of study and seeking new information (which is how the deer behaves), there is also a rebirth occurring after many, many months spent in transition from an ego-death.

Full Moon in Gemini on 19th December (UK time)

The moon is full in Mrigashīrsha nakshatra who is ruled by the restless planet Mars, in the air sign of Gemini, giving emphasis to the mind (Mercury is the lord) where it favours spiritual and visionary pursuits.

Curiosity and intelligence in the search for clarity and the truth (higher wisdom) come into play.

You may be confronted with endless directions in which to go and wander (in the mind), and the wish for desires to be fulfilled is sparked. Allow yourself to dream and envision new ideas for your life or spiritual and creative business.

Perhaps a new goal is emerging?

The deity of Mrigashīrsha is Soma, the moon God. The search undertaken is for the divine nectar - that which nourishes our soul and spirit.

The full moon in Gemini will be in exact opposition to the Sun in Sagittarius, a friendly place for Sagittarius’ lord, Jupiter. Amongst dark times, there is a feeling of optimism and spiritual strength.

It’s time to review your growth and expansion in this past year.

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Where am I feeling a sense of restlessness? What am I truly searching for?

What am I grieving and releasing from this past year?

What have I gained this year?

Where in my life am I undergoing renewal? What will I create now?

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I am here to support your warrior’s path,

To help you trust your inner wisdom

And awaken your powerful roar!

Rise Up,


Yoga Energy Reading


Generally known as the destructive force in the universe, Shiva’s presence here is signalling a death, perhaps to the ego, but certainly to something inside of you that may now be reflected in the external world. A dance has taken place. Not just any dance, Shiva’s ‘tandav’ the destructive dance that brings dissolution, an end to fear and false understandings. He ends the world, so that we can begin again — live again, only to be established even more deeply into the Self, the pure consciousness, with clearer perception. An outsider, a rebel, a masculine life force, he is Adi Yogi, the First Yogi, the one who contains within himself the pure teachings of Yoga. Teachings which are everlasting and unchanging. Yoga teaches itself. The Guru, the teacher from whom we learn, must have this buddhi, the higher wisdom that is passed down from the rishes, the sages, over 5,000 years ago. This oracle arrives to offer you the confirmation that it is the right to time seek out sattvic (pure) teachings, from lineaged teachers — from timeless knowledge that nourishes and transforms, knowledge that embodies Nature, or Shakti — the feminine divine. And your soul has been longing to receive authentic teachings, has it not?

‘The Essential Significance of Shiva’s Dance is threefold: First, it is the image of his Rhythmic Play as the Source of all Movement within the Cosmos, which is Represented by the Arch: Secondly, the Purpose of his Dance is to Release the Countless souls of men from the Snare of Illusion: Thirdly the Place of the Dance, Chidambaram, the Centre of the Universe, is within the Heart.’

- Ananda Coomaraswamy

In the depths of grief, when something has ended, remember Shiva, the true inner Self, the consciousness that is yoked to the divine, remember to dance furiously, move the body, move the emotions. Let the heart speak. Then listen to the silence when all has dissolved.


Chant AUM Namah Shivaya.

A rebirth is taking place.

Yoga Asana~ Natarajasana: Lord of the Dance


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