The Nectar and the Nourishment: November’s Full Moon in Taurus.

4 min readNov 26, 2023
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Taurus Full Moon | Rohini Nakshatra | November 2023

Did you have a self-care weekend and tend to your needs and well-being? I hope so! This full moon in Vṛṣabha rashi (Taurus) calls us to recognise the abundance and beauty that already exist within and around us. On November 27th at 9:16 am (GMT), Chandra Dev will be in his favourite lunar mansion — the beautiful, fertile, and nourishing nakshatra, Rohini.

There is fullness in emotions and pressure from Saturn’s stern gaze, but the lesson of Taurus in Rohini is to create stability within our vulnerable feelings — to ground through our creative expression and physical body movement.

Taurus in Rohini teaches strength in vulnerability.

On this full moon day, release what is outside of your sphere of control and settle into self-trust and acceptance, the space from which inner security arises.

Rohini is a vibrant red star whose symbol is a chariot or oxcart, reflecting its innate nature of passion and movement. It is goal-seeking and has a desire to create or bear life-sustaining produce. Rohini holds Rohana shakti, the power to grow all manner of forms — that is, the power of manifestation. This is because Rohini’s ruling deity is Prajapati, also known as Brahma, the creative force of the Universe.

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The shadow side of November’s Taurus Moon in Rohini is reflected in its opposition: Sun in Scorpio, where the desire of the ego to possess and become overly attached to our creations and attachments is emphasised. Tend to this fear of loss and not belonging to a place or person or thing, and remember that this world is one of endless forms; there are always more forms, but there is only one Self.

Move towards wholeness and acceptance of your true nature. Find the nectar and nourishment within, and you may just begin to see the beauty and abundance without.

The planetary ruler is Soma, the lunar deity himself, who is most happy with his favourite wife, Rohini. At this time, the mind has an opportunity to establish stability and Santoṣa (contentment), as the moon feels most at home and alive here.

What seeds have you planted that are culminating at this full moon time? What clarity has arrived regarding your path and vision?

A full moon creative ritual will be supportive at this sensual and productive time! (See my Moon Meditation & Journaling Ritual below.)

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Ground your ideas and desires into material form by engaging in physical body movement or creative activities to bring the mind back to inner balance, harmony, and stability.


What emotion has been swelling up to the surface? How can I release and transform this fullness of being?

How can I create more inner stability and security in life? (Briefly review relationships, finances, home, and health.)

Where am I feeling nourished and supported? (List what is working for you and who or what adds to your feelings of comfort and safety).

What new path am I excited to walk? What is my big desire that I wish to manifest in the coming cycles?

RISE UP, Warrior.



*✿○❀ Poppy ✿○❀*

The poppy flower, a diverse group of flowering plants, graces the world in various colours, with the red variant echoing the hue of Rohini! Notably, the red poppy is recognised for its distinctive four petals with a black centre, symbolising stability and balance — a reflection of the energy of Taurus, the bull, standing steadfast on four legs.

Thriving in a variety of environments, especially in picturesque places like meadows and fields, the poppy serves as a poignant reminder of the healing power of visual beauty, nurturing our sense of belonging and home. Blooming in Spring and Summer, it prompts the following reflection: What important event or experience do you desire to bring into form at this fertile time next year?

This oracle energy invites you to re-awaken your inner vibrance and passion. Listen to your sub-conscious desires and dreams. Explore your imagination and allow a burst of creativity to spark and grow your manifestations.




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